Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Name

I have a confession. I woke up the other day and decided against Coleman for the baby name. Poor, poor John. He never changes his mind. Just like when we were going to name Brooks "Tanner," I just woke up one day and didn't want to use it anymore. I don't like "man" on the end of his name. And I don't want people to call him Cole and I know that will happen. So, the name is TBD. And if you know me you are not a bit surprised I changed my mind!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

It's for the boys...

I think my husband is really excited about having two boys. And I say "think" totally sarcastically. And I don't blame him. He will have two sons, close in age to take hunting, fishing, camping, you name it. I know he is already dreaming of soccer games (he played soccer) and whatever else "the boys" choose to do in their spare time which I know in his mind include helping him remodel houses on a daily basis.

So, I'm only 14 weeks pregnant and the examples he has used the past couple of weeks referring to "the boys" is just so funny. So far we have talked about trucks, four wheelers and their college savings. It used to be Brooks, Brooks, Brooks... now it's "the boys!" He now has an excuse for everything "boy" he has ever wanted to buy. And he's not going to purchase it for himself. It's for "the boys." One who is 15 months old and one who is in utero. So, we are selling our completely family-oriented Ford truck that has a large back seat and a built in tv and buying a 1988 Suzuki Samarai. Won't it be fun to drive "the boys" around in it? And won't it be fun for them to drive around in? Sure, since it will be a good 30 years old by the time they can even think about driving. But it totally makes sense because one day it can be "for the boys."

Whatever... ;)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Spring time is here and in our world "Spring" also spells BUSY! AKA: wedding season! On top of weekend weddings, we are trying to work on the Oconee house in our spare time. It remains a mystery as to when we will actually move in (or get close to moving in) but I am fully confident that the day will come!

Hmmm.... so what's been happening? Well, first and foremost we are so blessed to have three new babies in the Michael Family, sweet Jack, Gabe and Isabella. The birthday was an amazing experience and I could go in to details but they would not do it justice! We stop in every once in a while to peak at little Isabella and sweet Jack, and can't wait until cousin Gabe comes home soon. My AMAZING sister-in-law is nursing and pumping for three premature babies, one who is still in the NICU. I say "amazing" because I am truly amazed that she is doing this! I will never, EVER complain about nursing again. I struggled with one baby. I don't know how she is doing it but I know it has a lot to do with the fact that she wants the best for her little miracles and refuses to give them anything less. As a side note, I would also like to say that I think my brother is SUCH a wonderful father. I haven't been able to be around him and the babies as much as I will in the future, but I can see it. He is very protective, duh! It reminds me of how he was so protective of Candice, Tiffany and I growing up - just magnified by millions! And from what I hear and see he reminds me of my Dad, which means he'll be the best dad in the world!

Easter was very sweet. We spent the night at my parent's house and the Easter Bunny put Maebree, Millie and Brooks' basket in the same spot he used to leave ours when we were little! He even hid eggs in the front yard just like the good ole days! After the morning hunt, we went to church and then to brunch. After brunch it was on to the JOMH for our annual family (and some friends!) Easter egg hunt. Brooks was definitely more involved this year. Holidays are so much fun with children - they are fun with out children too, but I thrive on making these times as special and meaningful as my parents did for us growing up! I think the main goal is to realize the real meaning behind these holidays, and then everything else falls in to place with all of the fun traditions!

Next topic of discussion - baby boy #2 who we can also call by his name, Coleman Michael. We chose Coleman because we love it and Michael, for obvious reasons! Now, I post this name with a small disclaimer stating I have full authorization to change my mind! As many of you know Brooks was "Tanner" for a good 3 months. I don't think we will change our mind this time but we'll see. Also, many have asked if we will call him Cole. I would prefer to call him Coleman although I am certain Cole may come out every now an then as a nickname, but we will call him Coleman! In naming the little guy, we wanted to stick to our preference of him having his own first name and a family middle name. "Brooks Thomas" came out of us loving the name Brooks and "Thomas" being John's middle name, his grandfather's first name and my grandfather's middle name. This mirrors "Coleman Michael" for those reasons! Regarding the pregnancy: they say I am pregnant but I sure don't feel pregnant. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with sick-free pregnancies! Once again, I love being pregnant! As I head towards 15 weeks, my waist line is expanding a bit faster than it did with my Brooks. All in all, Coleman is treating his mama good and is growing well!

Now, on to my sweet Brooks. I never imagined one little person could bring two people so much joy but he continues to amaze us with his precious little ways, every single day. Besides being as cute as pie, he has an adorable personality. Right now he is currently obsessed with Barney and calls him "Bar" or "Barby." He watches Barney in Daddy's truck and points to the television and yells "BAR!!!" I do not like him to watch tv very often, but it is nice to have a little out when I need to get some emails out to brides or get the house picked up. Atleast I know he is not getting in to something he shouldn't -- which he does often! Whew, don't even get me started on child-proofing the house. I don't think it's possible to fully child proof our house from this little guy. He is NON-STOP! Other than that he wants to go "OUT" - LOVES to be outside. I could really go on and on about all the new things he does every day, but I won't! Today was his 15-month well visit. He has lost a pound and gotten two inches taller, due to walking and being so active of course.

As always, I understand if absolutely no one made it to the end of this post but if anything, it's here for me to remember these days that are absolutely flying by. I have a very good feeling that with wedding season in full swing, baby #2 will be here before we know it!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BOY oh BOY!!!

This morning I went to my 12-week OB appointment. I was very excited to get there and find my favorite nurse from my old OB, now working for my new OB! I was also very shocked and very excited to find out the sex of our new baby, at only 12 and a half weeks pregnant! There is a definite little turtle sticking out between my very active little one's legs! The ultrasound tech was first like, "Well, that is probably a boy." As she and I (being the expert I am) continued to examine my sweet little baby, we came to the conclusion that is was "DEFINITELY" a boy! She did say not to paint any rooms blue yet because she can not give a 100 percent guarantee until 18 weeks, but it is quite obvious. We found the umbilical cord and concluded that the little stump was not the umbilical cord. She also stated that little girls have a little something sticking out in that area but it does NOT reach mid-thigh!

I have been all giggles since I found out. I did not think I would be finding out this soon and it is so fun knowing this early. As much as we would have loved to have welcomed the diversity of a precious little girl to our family, I have always imagine myself being the mommy of boys. I am so excited I can't see straight. The thought of my little Brooks having a little brother and best buddy for the rest of his life just thrills me. They will be so close in age and will literally grow up together. John was very excited as well. He couldn't believe I was calling with news that we were having another sweet little boy. He, like me, could not stop laughing. He was especially proud that the babies manhood was "already noticeable at only 12 weeks!" I have been telling him this whole time that I felt like I was growing another little fishing buddy for him, but he thought it was a girl! Mommy's instinct was RIGHT!!!

Did I mention I LOVE my new doctor? I am so happy with our decision to switch practices. Dr. Leach has ENCOURAGED me to keep running. I told him that I have not been running since I found out I was pregnant and he said that is fine, just to start back slowly and I will be fine. As long as I am not over doing it, then the baby will be just fine. He said I could run as long as it felt comfortable to me. Where was he during my first pregnancy!?

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