Monday, August 18, 2008

New Photos of Brooks!

My sister just posted the photos she took for Brooks' 6 month old shots! Check them out by clicking on the following link:

I am lucky to have such a talented sister, I MUST say!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Long Time, No Post

So... it's been a while folks but I am still here. To all five of my readers, I do apologize! So the summer came and is slowly going and my last update was the trip we took to Arkanas in May. Well, I can't really do that much catching up so I'll just give you a long overdue update on Little John:

- He still looks JUST like John. I mean the resemblance is unmistakable!
- On July 29 his first tooth popped through on the bottom. Yes, I jumped and screamed and immediately sent out a text... then I called my mom and followed up my text to John with a mid-morning phone call to him at work. I was excited. To say the least.
- He is sitting up like a pro which he started to do right at 6 months!
- He is trying with all his might to crawl. Not so much yet.
- He loves, loves, LOVES to STARE at John. It's like he is in a transe. It is so cute.
- John devotes atleast an hour each night reciting "Dada" to him over and over. The whole scene is quite repetative at our home at about 5:15 pm each day. Here's how it usually goes:

John: "Brooks, DA DA."
Brooks: Nothing
John: "Say DA DA. Come on, DA. DA."
Brooks: Nothing
John: "DA DA. DA DA. DA. DAAAA."
Brooks: (Itty bitty mouth moves up and down and mouths "AA AA.")
John: "YAY!!!"
Me: "Did he say it, I didn't hear it."
John: "Watch him. Brooks, say DA DA. DA DA."
Brooks: "DA"
Brooks: (Big smile because for some reason Daddy is jumping up and down at this point.)
John: "DA DA"
Brooks: "DA DA."
John: "YAAAAAAAAY BROOKS!" (Sometimes at this point John will pick him up and hug him like he is congratulating him or something.)
Me: (Getting a bit jealous...) "Brooks, say MA MA"
John: "Stop, you are going to confuse him."
Brooks: (Absolutely nothing.)
Me: "Say MA MA"
Brooks: "DA DA."
Me: "Good, say MA MA"
Brooks: "NA NA"
John and I simultaneously: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

Yes, this is a DAILY THING!!! And it usually goes on a bit longer! But I must say, he is saying "DADA" and "NANA." And as you can see, I must give John the credit.

Moving on...

- At his 6 month well visit he weighed 18.5 pounds and was 27 inches tall. Subsequently, according to every stranger we see in public, he is destined to be a GA Football Player. I'm glad they are letting me know this far in advance so I can go ahead and start preparing myself for that one!

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