Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's like the George Strait Song, which many of you probably do not know. It goes, "I've come to expect that from you." Well, I've come to expect "it" from myself. The whole "absence in blogging thing." It's a problem I have, but I am working on a cure! Stay tuned to the end of this blog for my problem-solving technique that I am oh so excited about!

I can not believe how this year has flown by! And I am NOT exaggerating. I think about my life this time last year, as I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our precious little boy! Life is so different now, because of him. I love being a mom and waking up to my "day." I love staying home with him but also working at the wedding house. I love living every day because I really am striving to be better at this "mom/wife" thing EVERY SINGLE DAY! And I can't believe it has almost been a year since he blessed our life so very much!

So, what's next on our agenda....

Well, next week we will travel to the great state of Arkansas to visit John's family for Thanksgiving. Upon our return home, we will proceed to pack up our home and move back to Oconee County! We are purchasing another home, and it is an old home that we are looking to restore. J is a super-doer when it comes to anything handy around the house. I don't think there is anything he can not fix or upgrade or install... he's good! The home is just a couple of turns away from the house I grew up in and where my parents still live. So, if you know me, you know I'm excited! The down side is we are still looking for a renter for the house we are currently living in. But I have high hopes!

Even with the home we are moving in being old, musty and in great need of repairs, when I walk outside I hear crickets. I can't see my neighbor's house. The grass is green. My church is less than a mile away. It feels like home because it is home and I am so thankful! Not to mention one of my neighbors (who is an extended relative) has a monogramming machine! WOOHOO!!!

We have also been blessed with the addition of TRIPLETS in to the Michael Family. Yes, triplets! My brother and his wife are expecting two precious boys *yay for Brooks* and one precious little princess girl! WE ARE SO THRILLED... and I will be a hop, skip and a jump away from any help they need at ANY TIME. And that most definitely includes 2 am phone calls. CAN'T WAIT! Many of you know, I have a friend in Texas who has quads. So the idea of multiples is not new to us (totally thanks to her,) but it is certainly very surprising and exciting. I never expected my brother to be the father to triplets!

Now for the upcoming addition for John's side of the family: his little sis is getting married this coming May! YAY!

In other news... once Brooks' FIRST Thanksgiving and FIRST Christmas are behind us, we will be celebrating his FIRST birthday! So here it is... an update on Brooks at 10 months. Where do I even begin!?

- He gets in to EVERYTHING. Toilet paper roll, a speck on the floor, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, entertainment center cabinets, newspaper, dog food, pantry. Anything that opens, closes, or looks like it could possibly open and close!

- He is pulling up to stand up and is walking holding on to furniture but he is not yet able to stand on his own or take steps on his own.

- I don't think he was crawling last time I blogged but he's been crawling since he was 8 months old and is now a professional crawler!

- He waves hello, goodbye. He tries to clap his hands. He shakes his head "no." Gives high fives. New word is "Bubba" and "Da" (for dog.) Yesterday Cash barked and he said, "Da?!"

- He LOVES DADDY'S HAT. That is the first thing he goes for when J gets home from work. Loves to take it off of daddy, put it on B. Off of B, onto Daddy. Loves to play peek-a-boo with the hat as well.

- At his last well visit he had not gained any weight but was 2 inches taller. Very tall for his age and he is starting to thin out. Still, at 10 months he weighed 20 lbs!!! Whew!

- He is definitely more attached to me than he has been in the past. If I leave him at home with Daddy to take a quick trip to the grocery store, he crawls to the door like a mad man to get to his mommy the minute I arrive at home and he hears that door open!

- He has 6 teeth as of today! All in different stages...

- He is still the cuddliest little bug ever.

- He knows what we mean when we say "no no." Usually because he is about to open or get in to something, or close to something that could hurt him. He is very good about stopping and doing what we say. He usually flashes a big smile and either proceeds to go where he is not supposed to (testing the waters oh so much) or finds something better to do! Overall, I am already proud of how well he listens to what we tell him. I know he can't understand discipline yet but I feel like he knows what is going on.

- And last but not least: He gets the MAJOR giggles at night. Uncontrollable giggles. Usually right before he bed time. And it's just enough to spend 10 minutes or so playing with him and just being silly before it's time for bed. It's so fun!

So... back to that "CURE" I was speaking of in the beginning of this blog. I been added to the fabulous waiting list to have a "blog make over!" I am using someone who was referred to me by my friend/cousin in Texas I was speaking of earlier. I'm super excited about that. Kind of like my "new blog" for the "New Year!" I'm way down on the waiting list but I can't wait to give my blah blog a face lift and hopefully it will jump start me on writing as often as I would like to!!! I must discipline myself to post more often, because so many milestones and memories are flying by!

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