Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Goodness!

well. this post is going to be in all lowercase. not because i can't type normal, but my precious little son got ahold of my laptop and now the left shift key is a goner. so until i can make a trip to best buy for a little repair work, it's either typing like this... or LIKE THIS!

funny story: today my mom and i took brooks shopping. i enjoy taking him shopping because he is so easy right now. he is very well behaved and other than needing a few diaper changes and to be held and talked to every now and then, he is super easy. so, anyway today mom and i went all day with him and we split up for a few minutes and brooks and i waited for mom in a sporting goods store. we plopped ourselves down in front of the store in a comfy georgia chair that was on display. so as people walked in and out of the store we watched. i love to people watch and brooks does as well. he stares at everyone. people talk to him all the time and he either smiles kindly at them or looks at them like a deer in a headlight! so anyway, we sat there for a while and just as i was kind of getting annoyed with every person stopping and talking to brooks (totally like when you are pregnant and everyone rubs your belly) a lady walked in and said to her friend, "oh my goodness, look at that beautiful little GIRL."

Really, girl? please tell my how my son who is wearing a brown and green outfit with a reindeer on the front of it (and has definite boy shoes on) even remotely looks like a girl. i didn't correct her, i just said "thank you."

what's weird is that happens a lot. okay, so he doesn't have much hair and it's hard to tell, but he does not look like a girl! one time we were in target and he had on a navy polo and camo shorts and a worker walked up and said, "look at that little PRINCESS." PRINCESS? No, actually he is a boy, but thank you. it actually happens a lot and it doesn't really bother me but i just wonder what is going through these people's minds when they see him and think he is a girl. because last time i checked, if he was a girl, i highly doubt i would be dressing her in camo shorts and a boys navy polo. nor would i put my little girl in the outfit he was wearing today. it's a boy outfit!

so, whatever, it's really funny and i just can't believe how often it happens! i just don't think he looks like a girl, but that's just me!

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