Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone...

Bless My Heart.

My mom called me early yesterday morning and convinced me to go to an eye appointment she had made for me. (What a fabulous mom!) I had originally asked her to cancel because I didn't think I could fit it in with a last minute client meeting that had been scheduled for that same day.

Anyway, I've been blind for a good 2 years. Not really blind, just a bit blurry! I wore contacts in college but stopped one day. Not sure why.

Because of this, my sight has worsened. Though I can see relatively well, I can not drive well at night and I'm pretty sure that I have gained a few wrinkles from squinting so much. When I see people that I know in public, I often do not realize they are someone I know until I get up close. Which probably has irritated a few people and made them think, "Well, she's being kind of rude!" But really it's just that I can't see well far away. As a matter of fact, last week I mistaked the florist for a bride... a bride who had just gotten her hair and make up done for a florist who had been working in the hot sun all day.

So, even though it was a tight squeeze in the daily schedule I went to the appointment. Once the dialation wore off, I was able to put wear my new contacts. Oh. my. gosh. I can see everything! I can read street signs, I can read car license plates, I can actually see the tv with out squinting. I even watched a movie last night and didn't have to move the couch closer. Everything is clear. The trees are bright green, the flowers are lovely... the world is a much more beautiful place!

Very proud of my new contacts, I drove home yesterday very slowly. I was seriously taking in the scene. As I drove I noticed many new things and enjoyed seeing my every day drive home through my new eyes! I turned off on to the road that leads me to my town. I started seeing things I had never seen before. A church in the distance. The houses were closer to the road. Everything was different. I couldn't believe how much of a difference the contacts were making. I was really excited.

Then I got to the end of the road. But I wasn't in my town. I had been so in to the scenery I made the wrong turn. Explains the church in the distance I had never noticed. Explains why I couldn't believe the entire road looked so different.

Bless My Heart.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I stumbled across the following blog today and thought I would share it with you all. An aunt in Virginia writes about her neice, who passed away last week due to a medical condition they found only five days before her last day here on Earth. I do not know this family but my heart goes out to them, and I thought I would share the link with you all so that you can pray for them as well.

Click here to read this blog.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DOES NOT Work For Me - Times Two!

Welcome to my first contribution to WFMW. I have been reading this blog carnival each week and have learned many new and exciting tips from other bloggers about things that "work for them!" This week is a themed edition entitled "Doesn't Work For Me." Seeing as though I have become both a wife and mom in the past year, I have found a lot of things that do not work for me so I thought this would be the perfect week to jump in!

Here are the top two things that just do NOT work for me:

1. MEETINGS AT NIGHT: My job allows me to make my own schedule. I love it and I love my job. I am free! I can plan my weeks around my family and my work and make sure they are both being tended to the way they should be! However, before I was married, and before I became a mom, I was able to be very flexible as to when I could meet with clients. Most clients wanted to meet at night, and that was fine with me. I liked having my days to run errands, exercise and work from home. I did not mind meeting at night. Well, with the changes through out the past year I have found that working at night DOES NOT work for me!

It throws our entire routine off, and if you know my husband you know he is avid about his routine! So, I'm in the process of making positive changes so that I will no longer need to meet with clients at night during the week. I am looking forward to this change and I know being at home each night with my family will definitely work for me!

2. NOT EXERCISING: I love to exercise. I love sports. I love to run, play basketball, softball or do anything that makes you sweat and feel skinny at the end of the day! I love to work out in the gym, and before I became pregnant, I had a fabulous trainer who kept me in shape. My favorite form of exercise is running. Nothing starts my day better than waking up early in the morning for a nice long run, or running so long that you wake up sore and rubbery the next day. I love it! However, when it comes to exercise I am an all or nothing girl... which is my main problem.

Well, in the past year my exercise regimine has gone doooooooooown hill. And I am very anxious to get back in shape. When I exercise I feel more alive and have way more energy than when I do not exercise. I miss exercising and am determined to get back in to it very soon. I want to learn to play tennis, and take 7 mile runs again. I want to actually use that gym membership that automatically gets deducted from my bank account once a month. I have enjoyed taking my son for strolls in the park, but it's just not cutting it. Not exercising (REAL exercise) does NOT work for me!

Find out what doesn't work for other people at this week's edition of WFMW, over at
Rocks in my Dryer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning (and eating) New Things

Ladies and Gentleman, he has found his hands! With this new discovery, Brooks is learning to do many very important things! First of all, he is slowly discovering that he himself can have control over his pacifier, which he now loves! He is learning to grab it and take it in and out of his mouth, although he still does not have very good aim! He is also learning to hold his bottle (only the small bottle right now), which I am sure will be of big help to mommy who is always running around like a chicken with her head cut off!
His hands are also available to grab and play with his many toys. He tries his hardest to play with all of his toys, but he is still working on those fine motor skills, if you know what I mean! Long story short... this baby has found his hands and he loves them. There is no turning back! He literally tries to eat his own hands. For real!

Along with his hands, he is also a big fan of his tongue! Here is a pic of him as he starts to stick his tongue out at mommy.

Last week, he started eating cereal. His bottle just did not suffice, so I called the doctor to earn approval on giving him rice cereal. He gave me the go and Tuesday morning of last week he had his first bowl of rice cereal! I videoed the entire extravaganza. At first he just pushed it back out with his tongue, but before long, he opened that tiny little mouth and excitedly awaited the next spoonful. Boy, did we have a mess! Those arms went a flying (along with the cereal bowl a couple of times) and his legs just kicked and kicked as he learned that he was finally eating like mommy and daddy eat! My favorite part of the ordeal was that he laughed the entire time. He thought it was so funny. And when it was time for his bottle, boy did he grab that thing and shove it in his mouth... like it was his long lost best friend. Look how big he is!

Brooks is a very curious baby. He is always looking around, taking in the scene and checking things out. He is also very ticklish. Recently, I have started reading to him at night, and he LOVES books. He just smiles and laughs at me when I make funny voices and he stares at the pictures. He really pays attention!

Every day is a new adventure... and every morning he wakes up with the same precious grin on his face. (It could have something to do with the fact that he's sleeping until about 9 am every morning!)

I look forward to him sitting up within the next couple of months and then eating real food! (Mushed up, of course!)

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