Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And, We're Back!

As I sit here at my computer tonight, I can't help but smile. The laundry is completely done (and has stayed that way ever since I decided it would;)), supper for tomorrow night is planned and ready to be cooked, my carpet just got cleaned, my husband just cut our grass and edged our yard. I bought pretty new plants and new mulch and weed-ate (ha!) for a good 4 hours. My hands are sore but they are worth it. I have totally junk-proofed our house. Like totally got rid of JUNK. I sent about 15 bags of clothes to good will. My husband and I cleaned out the garage and are getting ready to paint and pressure wash it to garage heaven! My floors our clean, my baby room for Max is set up and ready along with his large entourage of clothes from Brooks, Jack and Gabe. My closet is so organized. And the clutter is gone. THE CLUTTER IS GONE. THE CLUTTER IS GONE. If there is a piece of clothing that is not in season it is neatly boxed, labeled and will soon be stored and I am most happy about my new wrapping paper and "craft supplies" boxes! Oh, and today... we got our house BACK ON THE MARKET! WOO HOO!

Today, I was so tired of cleaning I called my neice and my mom in for reinforcement. Baleigh played with Brooks and mom and I tag-teamed and got finished in a flash. Thank you!!!

So, as you can see, for the past month and a half I have been nesting like I've never nested before. John calls it OCD but I call it just being a wife and mother. I have totally re-vamped my day, the way I do things. My schedule is so wild with a baby and a job that gives me so much freedom. (An awesome job at that!) I have taken up weekly meal planning around my coupon cutting. I try to get all of my wedding work done in the morning that way I stay on top of the emails and to-do's and do not get behind. It also helps me take new bride tasks and calls through out the day without getting behind. I finally figured out how to keep the laundry down and keep the house nice on a daily basis. No, it's not perfect all the time but the goal is that when it does need to get perfect fast, it's a whole lot easier to do!

In the midst of all of this I have also managed to get Brooks well acquainted with his big boy bed (he prefers a double!) and have even introduced him to the potty. All of this to prepare for our little guy who will arrive in October. My main goal was to get all of this done by the end of August because once September arrives the fall wedding season will be full-fledged and simultaneously, Max will arrive. I am hoping to coordinate all weddings up until the day I go in to the hospital. In the four weeks before Max is scheduled to arrive we have l 6 weddings. I hope to do all of them up until the day after he is due... which means it would be great if he came a day or so after his due date. And I know that is a far stretch but a girl can wish. No, I won't be able to handle the weddings all by my lonesome because the leg work is constant but I have a great family who has got my back! Honestly, the more weddings I miss the harder it is for me because instead of just executing the wedding I have to worry about not being there and passing all of the info on to someone else. It always works out fine because my sisters or mom take over and they are AWESOME, I would just rather take care of it myself since that is my job!

So, even though I haven't been slammed with weddings the past few weeks, I have managed to be productive and stay busy. I'm trying to plan at least 2-3 fun activities a week for Brooks to do whether it be a play date or just a fun getaway with mommy! He just has so much energy these days it is absolutely impossible to keep him contained for too long.

I am hoping all of this new organization will make things go smoother for our move which will be... when? Who knows, but if the house is clean and organized and practically already boxed up it will be whole lot easier with a newborn. Besides the fact that right after fall wedding season mania comes the holidays and then Brooks and John's birthday. I am nothing more than SO excited for this time in our life and I just want to be prepared.

In the midst of all of this, Brooks had definitely changed before our eyes. John and I crack up at him on a daily basis. His personality just gets more fun every day. He talks constantly, runs everywhere he goes and keeps his mama on her toes! I can hardly clean up one mess before he makes another! Just today he took his diaper off on his own, pooped on the bathroom floor and then got into my makeup and spread my new powder all over the bathroom floor. He won't poop in a slightly wet diaper and he tells me "tee tee" AFTER he does the duty. Oh and tee tee means #1 and #2 to Brooks. So, where was I during all of this, you ask? Cooking dinner. It got quiet and I knew something was off. So, I head to his room to find a little trace of powder down my just freshly mopped hall floor. But I am happy to say he is learning to clean up his toys and when he makes a mess he is not supposed to, I make him help me clean it up. I'm hoping this will help him make less messes, although he thinks it's funny to help me clean and I often find him running the mop or broom across the kitchen floor.

My next big project the baby comes is to put a little education in our daily routine. We always read to him before bedtime but since I decided not to put him in a little school for a few hours, a couple days a week (like we were contemplating,) I'd like to have a time during the day where I teach him. I've thought about having a theme every week like alphabet, farm animals, numbers, etc., and do our weekly activities around that. This may be a bit ambitious with a newborn on the way but if I keep it simple and fun, I think it would be good for Brooks. Luckily my oldest sister is a teacher so maybe she can give me some ideas!

Well, peace out for now! Hopefully my posts for now on will be filled with baby news and cute pics of our precious little guy! And if you got to the end of this with out falling asleep... MAJOR PROPS TO YOU!

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