Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just don't wanna forget...

There are so many things about Brooks right now that I do not want to forget. And as he grows I am sure these things will be replaced with new milestones! So here is my attempt to capture the first 2 months of his life. Here are all the little things I don't EVER want to forget:

1. My first memory of Brooks is him desperately grabbing the umbilical cord after he was born. It's like he was holding on for dear life. He had a death grip on it and the doctor had to pry his hand open before he was able to hand him over to the nurses. The doctor said he had never seen that before.

2. Like father, like son. Oh so true in our household. Not only does Brooks look JUST like John, his personality mirrors him in many ways. He does not like waiting on his food, when he's hungry, he's hungry! He likes it really dark when he sleeps and he likes to watch things. Our favorite simliarity is sometimes when he cries out it sounds like he is saying "hey", and John claims that he says this the very same way! He also sleeps with his arms in the same position John does!

3. He most often smiles when I play with his bottom lip, and he will lift up one side of his upper lip to give me that ever adorable Elvis smile!

4. He is a very noisy little eater. This is kind of fading off.

5. He has always loved his swing and LOVES the little birds that go around and around over his head. He would stare at them for hours if I allowed him to do so! He's actually staring at them right now!

6. Since day one I have four songs that I sing to him that put him to sleep. By the end of these songs, he is off in a dream world. I start with my favorite hymn "Pass It On." Then I sing "In The Garden," "Amazing Grace," and "Jesus Loves Me." Sometimes I throw in the ABC's. If he is ever upset, all I have to do is sing the first verse of "Pass It On" and he settles down.

7. Since he has been in my womb, all doctors have described him as TALL! He is very tall, which is why starting this week he is able to wear 3-6 month old clothes. Granted, he still fits in to all of the 0-3 month clothes as well but footy outfits are already running short on him! Maybe he'll take after his Uncle Bubba (Jackson) and be 6'4" one day!

8. At first, he hated being changed- clothing and diapers. Now he could care less (unless he's hungry!) He just lays there and oohs and aahs at me as I change him or try clothes on him (which I like to do!)

9. He goes to bed around 8 pm these days. Sleeps till 12 and wakes up between 5 and 6 for another bottle. But I can tell he's about to be a trooper and sleep through the night because lately he's only wanting about an ounce when he wakes up then he's off in dream world. Hopefully that ounce will be replaced with just the paci before long.

10. However, he is not a huge paci fan.

11. His many nicknames: Mr. Brooks, little man, John calls him stinker and I hate that, and I used to call him Mr. Man but stopped doing that because we used to have a horse named Mr. Man!

12. He always seem to be ahead of the game. In height, weight, everything. He has held his head up since the first week and now holds it up like a pro. That's old news to him! The nurse at his pediatrician's office said he is also extremely alert for a two month old. He's also above average in cuteness ;)

13. He enjoys the bath but does not like the water very warm - again like his daddy.

14. He has about 2 pounds worth of cheek. Absolutely precious!

15. He is not a picky baby, he seems to be real laid back.

16. He is an extreme cuddle bug. LOVES to cuddle!

That's about it for now! I may add something to this list if I later realize I forgot something!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yes, It Is True...

...a baby does suck the life out of you! I mean, how many brain cells do you really need to have to remember your own email address!? Sorry, folks, I posted the wrong email address. Actually, the one I posted doesn't even exist, which is why your emails are bouncing on back. And I was getting sad because I thought no one loved me:)

Anyway to read the soon to be private blog email me at Or, you can just leave comment with your email address on it. Sorry about the mistake!

Hope to download some 2 month old pics soon (candids) and will be giving you an update from his well visit that we had this morning! My very talented sister will be taking his 2 month old pics this week so hopefully I can post them as well.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Private Blog

I will be making my blog private very soon, so that it is only available to readers that I know. If you are reading the blog and would like to have access to updates, please send an email to I will keep track of emails and before I make my blog private there will be a email I send to you giving you access to read it.

Thank you!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Bouncer!

Apparently, the "itsy bitsy bouncer" we got as a shower gift is quite entertaining to Brooks (most recently known as little John!) Little John usually sits in the bouncer while I dry my hair and get ready for the day. Today we sang itsy bitsy spider over and over and you will see the smiley responses I got each time we sang as "the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout AGAIN!"

In other news, today Brooks is 8 weeks old. We have been holed up in the house for quite some time, only leaving to go to Mamommy's or to the pediatrician. Luckily, the doctor visits have been non-existent since the hospital visit so Mamommy's house has been the extent of Brooks' travels. Until today...! We got CRAZY and went to Target and Johnny Carino's with Mamommy. It was a wonderful day beginning with bright smiles and ending with a very sleepy little boy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Houston, we have NO problem!

Well, I just have this to say - I'm sick of complaining.

And that is the last complaint I plan to make for quite some time.

Lately I've had a couple of things that I felt quite neccessary to complain about. Nothing major, just venting if you will. But if you happen to be my mom, dad, husband, best friend, sister or that of an in-law (and there are only so many people in this world who fit in to these categories) than you are aware of this. And heavens to Betsy I know I've complained about many things in the past but that is not my point. Here is my point...

Why complain? What good does it do? Will it make the situation run away? Will it make me feel better? Apparently NOT if I listed a good 6 people that have had the pleasure of hearing these complaints.

So, to those of you that have listened, thank you for your wise words and for lending an ear. Next time you hear me complain, stop me. I have too many things to be thankful for to worry about the little things that just don't matter. For now on I am only allowed to talk about good things. That way the happiness will just overflow and fill up my house and the whole wide world and it will radiate in to one big blob of happy. (That may be a bit dramatic but you catch my drift.)

So, how are YOU doing today!?

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