Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Baby Shower, 32-week check up

Time is flying! This past weekend I had my first baby shower. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful church family as well as such a wonderful family in general! Our baby was showered with a slew of essentials and now it is my job to start getting organized! Right now I am feeling crafty and ready to "get ready!" It is, however, proving to be a large task with Thanksgiving this week, a trip to Texas coming up and Christmas right around the corner. Today, my afternoon consisted of a shopping trip where I purchased baby thank you cards, Christmas gifts, maternity clothes (he's growing) and fixin's for Thanksgiving all at once! Whew!

So, the baby is doing great! The nurse kind of threw me by surprise me when she said that I could possibly be induced at 38 weeks if everything is still going so smoothly. Which to me, just screamed - "YOU MAY HAVE ONLY 6 MORE WEEKS TO PREPARE!" And I have to be prepared. We are getting there, slowly but surely. Not to mention, John's parents are coming in this weekend to stay with us.

So, lesson learned for those of you out there looking have a little one: you may not want to get pregnant in late April... you'll be very stressed come holiday season! It is, however, an extremely fun and amazing feeling to wake up every day and know we are that much closer to meeting that little precious in my belly who rolls around each day!!! It's definitely worth it :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Flood of Babies and Weddings (in no particular order!)

I need encouragement, folks! Last time I blogged was when wedding season was just about to kick off and then it happened... the flood of babies and weddings. Life just took off in a million directions. Unfortunately, that left my poor little blog empty on a daily basis. A lot has happened this year. A lot that I would love to be able and look back on to remember what was going through my mind through it all. This year has been a flood of babies and weddings... let me explain!

Well, first of all I am a wedding planner. So, since March of last year I have coordinated and directed close to 40 weddings. Last week was the last one of the season, which is probably why I'm entering the blog world again on this week that I am wedding-free! My brother was married in May to an amazing girl that we just love, my best friend welcomed her precious son in June and my sister had her second daughter in late August. Shortly after my cousins in Texas welcomed their quadruplets in to the world (that of which I was linked to through nothing other than her fabulous blog!) So, yes there have been a lot of weddings and a lot of babies.

So, I did not find it extremely ironic when my life was put in fast forward for the very same reason. On May 21, 2007 my now husband and I found out we were also going to be having a precious baby. But it wasn't that easy. We were not married, we were not engaged. It was not our time for that, or so we thought. God had other plans. And I here I sit today, I have a precious new neice, an awesome new sister-in law, a best friend who has an adorable 6 month old son, a cousin in Texas juggling four amazing miracles- and a wonderful husband who will be home in a few minutes to kiss his wife who is now 32 weeks pregnant!

So, yes - it has been a FLOOD of babies and weddings this year. My life has been put in fast forward. So much that I unfortunately lost touch with the blog world. Please forgive me! I hope to catch you up on the past six months (many funny stories there) and keep record of these exciting weeks as we prepare for the holidays, a new year and a new baby boy!

Oh, and if you are confused at all by this blog... stay tuned! I know I have a lot of explaining to do... it's okay, I'm used to it!

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