Monday, August 17, 2009

Ride Ride and Slide Slide!!!

This weekend I had a Saturday afternoon meeting so I left Brooks with John. He loves being outside with his Daddy more than anything. On this particular day, I left with him playing in the Suzuki while John was finishing up a welding job on the muffler. Man, that sounds so redneck.

Anyway, he was in heaven playing in daddy's "ride ride" as he calls it. He usually gets upset when I leave but as I handed him his juice and crackers to snack on while John finished up he said, "Tay tu Mommy, bye bye!" No hesitation this time.

As I was driving home John kept calling me wanting me to hurry and watch what Brooks could do. He was on the neighbors playground set, a BIG play set, climbing up a very tall ladder and booking it down the slide as fast as he could, over and over and over again! Although he has climbed ladders and gone down slides before, he just seemed so much more grown up and capable this time. Just another sweet reminder that that he is growing up too fast and I really can't stop it!

I captured some cute pics on my phone of him in all of his slide glory... dirt caked on the face! Another reason he likes being outside with Daddy... Daddy lets him get dirty! Mommy let's him get dirty too, it just seems like he ALWAYS gets dirty when he is left with John!

Sliding on his tummy, whichever way he fell or twisted he went that way. As long as he was going FAST, he was happy!

Getting ready for take off!

Very dirty and very happy little face!

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Maome said...

So Adorable! He really has a good Daddy - The playground reminded my of the one I want to buy. I will be right back.

Not good news. There are still 16 and they have not gone on sale as yet. Patience

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